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For more than 80 years, the brand name ZARGES has been synonymous with continuous innovations in the fields of access, packaging and transportation and special constructions. ZARGES is the first light-metal construction company in Europe to be operating internationally from its headquarters in Weilheim / Upper Bavaria with around 800 employees and three production plants in Europe.
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History of ZARGES

A small company opens its doors in 1933 in the city of Stuttgart: ZARGES Leichtmetallbau. Company founder Walther Zarges fulfils his dream of establishing a company that makes the day-to-day life easier for people.

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Companies such as ZARGES have a responsibility as a role model. We want to live up to our local and global responsibilities with by taking a sustainable approach and through our Code of Conduct.
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ZARGES careers

You can find our current vacancies here. If you find the one you’re looking for, we look forward to receiving your written application at the given address or by e-mail to
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Press releases

Versatility redefined: ZARGES modular supply trolleys help optimise logistic processes in the healthcare sector

The MPO supply trolley can be customised with various components to suit any applications

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inter airport 2019: Unveiling of the helicopter maintenance platform compliant with DIN EN 12312-8

Weilheim, Germany, 25 September 2019 – Helicopters and their sensitive equipment require regular, time-intensive maintenance and repair. To ensure that work can be carried out as efficiently and safely as possible, ZARGES offers a comprehensive portfolio of access equipment for servicing, repair and...

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ZARGES expands its portfolio: New access solutions for commercial vehicles and buses

Weilheim, Germany, 17September 2019 – Maintaining your footing: work on buses, lorries and other commercial vehicles are often performed under conditions that require special safety precautions. To minimise the risk of accident happening to maintenance technicians and mechanics, ZARGES has...

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Digital procurement – the golden path to better customer experience in the B2B industry

More and more manufacturers are using online configurators for their products as a method of customer retention

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Racing into the new motorsport season with electric power

The ZARGES K470 Battery Box allows lithium-ion batteries to be transported safely

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Storing or transporting Li-Ion Batteries? Meet the Zarges team at the Battery Tech Expo in Telford

Of all today’s technologies, perhaps there is none so important than lithium-ion batteries. What they lack in glamour, they more than make up in utility: they are the foundational technology for our future energy needs, from powering the next generation of electric vehicles to providing the energy...

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Making space makes a big difference

After years of tight budgets and infrastructure underspending, hospitals have been faced with tough spending decisions – including implementing the cheapest storage solutions. This is a real example of a false economy – cheap solutions deteriorate rapidly and break frequently, needing to be replaced...

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Full speed ahead for the K470 battery box from ZARGES

Formula 1 and Formula E racing are both some of the most innovative sports out there, with teams spending millions of pounds perfecting designs. There is a huge team behind each driver and each car, all requiring specialist equipment in an attempt to get the edge on the opposition.

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Why investing in professional ladder inspections makes business sense for the construction industry

28 January 2018 – In October 2018 the Health and Safety Executive reported that over the last five years falls from a height accounted for 26% of all fatal injuries, an average of 37 fatal injuries per year . Falls from height were the top cause of injury by 8%. These statistics suggest that ladders...

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Setting off for the top: ZARGES presents new access equipment portfolio at LogiMAT 2019

Making work easy and efficient: the new ZAP lift for the maintenance sector and cases for transporting sensitive goods

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It is high time for better safety when working from height

Five reasons to buy ladders that comply with the latest standards

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Safe and ice-free on the road in winter: ZARGES presents modular de-icing and maintenance platforms for trucks

New standard product can be modularly expanded and offers a stable surface for safe working.

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Fixing the fixed ladders problem

ZARGES explains why external building maintenance shouldn’t be a case of out of sight, out of mind.
A leaking pipe or protruding wires will send alarm bells ringing within any safety-conscious business, as well they should. When it comes to the exterior of a building, however, maintenance is often... Read more

New trend on construction sites: Platform ladders are overtaking rung ladders in terms of safety

ZARGES platform ladders eligible for BG Bau subsidies offer greater protection and also promise optimal handling.

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ZARGES cases aid cool research

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is part of the Natural Environment Research Council. It delivers and enables world-leading interdisciplinary research in the polar regions. Its skilled science and support staff based in Cambridge, Antarctica and the Arctic, work together to deliver research that... Read more
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