Access equipment

Ladders and platforms for any requirement

Assault ladders, hook-on ladders, specialist ladders

Whether assault ladders, specialist ladders, boarding aids, conventional ladders and work platforms, access equipment from ZARGES is ready for instant use, lightweight and compact and ideal for the widest range of tasks. ZARGES access equipment unites all the benefits of aluminium. They are economical, safe and ecologically sound.

Maintenance platforms for military equipment

ZARGES maintenance platforms enable easy maintenance of machinery, ground vehicles, helicopters and aircraft. ZARGES has years of experience and extensive know-how to provide innovative solutions as well as individual designs according to customer requirements.

ZARGES maintenance platforms for ground vehicles enable access to otherwise difficult to reach components, and provide the highest standards of safety when carrying out the work. Maintenance platforms for helicopters are suitable for the special tasks in maintaining sensitive technology. As a partner for maintenance systems and docking systems for aircraft, whether civil or military, ZARGES constructs work platforms specifically for your needs (nose, wing, tail, engine or cockpit docking).

ZARGES ladders for all requirements

ZARGES provides ideal access solutions for any requirement, from single and push-up ladders to hook-on and cockpit ladders.

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