Transporting sensitive electronic components

Mitraset 19” housings

Mitraset 19’’ Rackmount Case for electronic equipment

The new Mitraset 19’’ housing range

Whether for military, aerospace or industrial applications, the military Mitraset 19’’ housings provide protection against shocks, impacts, vibrations and electromagnetic interference. Service, transport and storage containers are you designed for holding electronic equipment in a 19’’ grid in accordance with DIN EN 60297-3 and EIA-310-E. The housings for electronics provide reliable protection against general environmental influences such as heat, moisture, moisture, dust, etc. Mitraset 19’’ electronics housings ready for use and capable of air transportation.

Mitraset 19" housings in detail

1 Lid. 2 Rubber seal. 3 Housing. 4 Anti-vibration frame. 5 Skirt seal. 6 Lid. 7 Toggle lock. 8. Float-mounted lock. 9 Rail. 10 Guide rail. 11 Pressure compensation (3 variations). 12 Carrying handle. 13 Damper. 14 Rubber buffer. 15 Earth strap.

Excellent vibration damping

The mobile Mitraset 19’’ electronics housings have excellent vibration damping to prevent negative impacts on the functioning of electronic components thereby increasing safety. Electronic equipment requiring protection is placed and secured inside elastically suspended anti-vibration frames for optimal protection. On the Mitraset Classic RRF (Removable Rack Frame), the 19" anti-vibration frame can be removed quickly and easily without the use of tools. The new Mitraset Racklite is the lightweight housing series for low to medium installation weights.

The electronics housing are tested to MIL-STD-810. For special requirements, a modified Mitraset 19’’ housing has been developed and undergone successful testing in accordance with the strict MIL-STD-810 F specifications.

Mitraset 19’’ Rackmount Cases – tests and certificates

Mitraset 19” housings for servers/electronics have proven themselves in a multitude of tests and military deployments. For the Mitraset Classic, ZARGES has obtained approval according to the new VG 95 447 German military standard. VG 95 447 sets down tests from the AECTP 400 NATO standard. The withdrawn VG 95 446 set down tests from the US MIL-STD-810 standard.

Mitraset special solutions
ZARGES provides you with the housings and solutions for a range of uses, e.g. in planes, in vehicles or for special deployments. The Mitraset 19” buffer housings offer a multitude of customised special solutions – from heat management to air-conditioning –in addition to a large range of standard accessories.

Mitraset Classic – Mitraset Racklite –Mitraset Racklite Basic

Mitraset Classic 19" housing
Housing for electronic instruments
Mitraset Racklite 19" housing
Housing for electronic instruments
Mitraset Racklite Basic 19" housing
Housing for electronic instruments

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