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Standard sizes or customised solutions
Stairs, bridging steps and platforms made by ZARGES can be modified to perfectly suit any on-site requirements, therefore ensuring the highest level of safety during operation, installation and maintenance.

ZARGES industrial steps, platforms and bridging steps: Safe and versatile
ZARGES focuses on offering the highest level of safety, convenience, versatility and service with its access steps and work platforms. ZARGES platforms and steps can provide access for a wide variety of applications in manufacturing and production facilities, without requiring any lifting platforms.

ZARGES steps, platforms and bridging steps help you comply with all relevant professional standards
All steps, bridging steps and platforms comply with the standards DIN EN 14122, DIN EN 131-7 and DIN EN 1004.

In workshops, production halls and plants, industrial steps are indispensable when maintaining, servicing and accessing machines and building sections. ZARGES industrial steps help provide a safe and efficient way of accessing places you want to reach. Note: Stepladders and industrial steps are required to comply with DIN EN 14122 before they can be used for accessing or bridging platforms or machinery at greater heights.

ZARGES industrial steps offer reliable safety
In order for them to be used in commercial settings, ZARGES industrial steps have to first comply with the relevant standards, laws and regulations – this is exactly what makes our industrial steps so safe to use.

Industrial steps with different steepness
ZARGES industrial steps are available with an inclination of 45 or 60 degrees. The angle of inclination for machine access steps is only allowed to be between 45 and 75 degrees, meaning that our industrial steps are perfectly suited for this purpose.

Handrails and various platform widths are available
All industrial steps, platform steps, access steps with platform, and bridging steps that are higher than 500 mm must be fitted with a handrail on at least one side. Needless to say, double-sided handrails are also available for ZARGES industrial steps, platform steps, access steps with platform, and bridging steps. Furthermore, you can choose between a tread or platform width of 600, 800 and 1000 mm as well as various tread options when configuring your product. These options include serrated aluminium with R10 slip resistance, open-grid steel with R12 slip resistance, open-grid aluminium with R13 slip resistance and perforated steel plate with R13 slip resistance.