Transport and storage of lithium ion batteries. Also defective or damaged.

E-Mobility, E-Bikes, Power-Tools, Photovoltaic Energy Storage, Automotive Industry – the use of lithium-ion batteries is becoming increasingly common. The transport and storage of lithium batteries, defective or intact, is subject to strict safety regulations. In conjunction with a world market leader for e-bike batteries, ZARGES has developed a safety container for the storage and transportation of damaged or defective batteries. In cooperation with the world's leading manufacturers of rechargeable batteries for power tools and in the automotive industry, ZARGES has developed a perfectly optimised safety container for the storage and transport of lithium-ion batteries - even if they are defective or damaged.

The advantages of storing and transporting batteries and rechargeable batteries in the ZARGES Akku Safe are obvious, because uncontrolled energy release in rechargeable batteries and accumulators is fire hazard and causes great damage.

There is a lot to consider when transporting dangerous goods in accordance with ADR, especially in the case of critically defective batteries. ZARGES Akku Safes make the dangerous goods logistics of batteries and cells a little easier and the recycling (reverse logistics) of lithium batteries safer.

LiPo Safe, Akku Safe or Lipo Box – many names, one goal: maximum safety when handling rechargeable batteries and batteries.