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The highest quality for the highest demands.

Access, packaging, transportation and special constructions – ZARGES represents uncompromising quality and comprehensive service. You can rely on this because for 85 years we have been continuously developing our products, services and software. For people from the industrial, healthcare, rail, aviation and craft-trade sectors, ZARGES provides the ideal solution for any task.

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Special solutions and constructions from ZARGES

Your project requires an individual, special solution. Special designs, special constructions and individual adaptations made of aluminium are among our strengths.

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Storing or transporting Li-Ion Batteries? Meet the Zarges team at the Battery Tech Expo in Telford

Of all today’s technologies, perhaps there is none so important than lithium-ion batteries. What they lack in glamour, they more than make up in utility: they are the foundational technology for our future energy needs, from powering the next generation of electric vehicles to providing the energy...

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Making space makes a big difference

After years of tight budgets and infrastructure underspending, hospitals have been faced with tough spending decisions – including implementing the cheapest storage solutions. This is a real example of a false economy – cheap solutions deteriorate rapidly and break frequently, needing to be replaced...

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Full speed ahead for the K470 battery box from ZARGES

Formula 1 and Formula E racing are both some of the most innovative sports out there, with teams spending millions of pounds perfecting designs. There is a huge team behind each driver and each car, all requiring specialist equipment in an attempt to get the edge on the opposition.

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