The go-to transport solution for winning sports teams

August 2023

ZARGES, Europe’s leading supplier of specialist case solutions, plays a small yet vital role in powering Britain’s winning sports teams.

As professional sportspeople across the country prepare for sporting events such as the Rugby World Cup, ZARGES provides sports kit managers with valuable peace of mind with its universal skip case offering.

Having long been relied on by winning sport teams globally as their transportation kit of choice, ZARGES’ K470 range provides a professional, secure and durable solution for transporting kits and accessories, and ensures that these are kept safe and in pristine condition whilst in transit.

Neil Harper, Sales Manager for ZARGES, says: “Transporting kit and key pieces of equipment is a vital consideration for sports teams. Having been designed to meet their demanding needs, the K470 range offers the ideal solution and really sets the standard for skip cases.

“Lockable and incredibly sturdy, the range offers kit managers total peace of mind that their contents are protected against all manner of danger - whether this be theft, extreme heat or cold or the rigours of transporting kit.”

Designed from a durable yet lightweight aluminium and available in 27 standard sizes and with capacity ranging from 13 to 829 litres, the K470 is at the forefront of ZARGES’ offering.

Offering ease of mobility, the K470 case can easily be transformed into a moveable unit by adding clip-on castors or a dolly trolley, which saves time and effort when moving equipment from one place to another.

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