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Car-in-Car W 105 N transport trolley (6 STE)


  • Sturdy body made from anodised aluminium.
  • Central door locking, ergonomically shaped and can be fitted with a lead seal, easy-to-operate lever with locking function at the top and bottom ensures reliable closing, suitable for transport by lorry.
  • The peripheral door seal between the body and the door leaves is suitable for cleaning in washdown facilities and provides protection against dust.
  • Stainless steel chassis, easy running.
  • Brackets for securing the internal trolley inside the outer trolley.
  • Docking device for locking on the front side, for transfer trolley.


Order number Internal dimensions L x W x H Outside dimensions L x W x H Weight
46590 1.120 mm × 620 mm × 1.253 mm 1.260 mm × 700 mm × 1.550 mm 67 kg