Innovative storage and transport containers

Designed for universal applications

ZARGES aluminium boxes and cases meet the highest demands for quality, maximum functionality and design. Ideal for use by the defence, disaster relief and police services.

Hazardous goods containers and hazardous goods packaging (GGV),

From the packaging and transportation of lithium-ion batteries or ammunition, strict safety regulations are laid down by law for the packaging and transport of hazardous goods. Hazardous goods may only be transported in packaging that meets these criteria and is approved by the relevant authorities. ZARGES has many decades of experience with UN-approved aluminium containers for hazardous goods.

The wide range of standard products generally offers a variety of solutions which meet the most exacting requirements. In addition to the K 470 series, the following are also approved for the transportation of hazardous goods: K 475, BY containers, K 410 Alu Case, K 473, collapsible containers and special containers.

Universal container K 470 – the ideal storage and transportation container

The K 470 container series offers an optimum solution for safe transportation, economical storage and perfect packaging of the most diverse range of goods, as well as for the widest diversity of uses and reliable protection of your goods against external influences. The series impresses with its high-quality aluminium containers in 25 standard sizes and capacities from 13 to 829 l. The containers can be individually equipped and are therefore ideal for use as weapon cases, ammunition and tool containers.

K 470 universal container

K 470 Universal Box
The K 470 product range offers an exceptional selection of 25 standard sizes. Their capacity ranges from 13 L to 829 L. Special sizes are also available.
K 470 Plus shipping case - hood-type container
With the K 470 Plus, ZARGES is following an innovative packaging concept: a two-part transportation system, comprising an upper and a lower section. This allows you to combine elements of different heights, creating a whole new range of possibilities.

K 470 with IP 65 & 67 protection

Water and dust easily repelled. The aluminium K 470 containers with IP 65 or IP 67 protection meet the highest standards for security and transportation –they make no compromises against dust, water and pressure fluctuations.

K 470 universal containers with IP 65 & 67 protection

K 470 universal case, IP 65
For all applications where extra leak-tightness and greater protection against moisture, water jets and dust is required.
K 470 - IP 67
ZARGES K 470 - IP 67: optimised protection against water and dust.

K 424 XC Mobile Box

The lightweight and indestructible transport solution for any terrain. The K 424 XC Mobile Box combines stability and flexibility and has a multitude of accessories and versatile interior fittings.

K 424 XC Mobile Box

K 424 XC Mobile Box
The new K 424 XC combines the legendary quality of ZARGES cases with new mobility.
K 424XC Mobile Box full equipment packages
A smart purchase – the most practical variants of a K 424 XC rolled into one.
Off-road set 220 mm
On request, ZARGES can equip the K 424 XC with off-road wheels: