Trains & rail transport

Access solutions for rail vehicles

Trains & rail transport

Access solutions for rail vehicles

Mobile access solutions – to get you where you want to reach

ZARGES access solutions can be designed to suit the requirements of any rail vehicle – whether you are looking for a solution with fixed or adjustable height, ZARGES always has the exact solution you need.

ZARGES mobile maintenance stairs and working platforms are developed especially for the maintenance and production of rail vehicles. They are designed to be quick and easy to use while offering the highest level of safety.

Working platforms for efficient maintenance and assembly

With our track pit crossings, maintenance platforms and work stands, we can help to shorten downtimes and maintenance processes. Discover our access technology solutions in the video.

Work stands and maintenance platforms for locomotives and wagons according to your requirements. Discover the features.

01 Rail pit boards

01 Rail pit boards

They allow you to quickly bridge rail pits with ease – always adaptable to suit the track in question.

Rail pit board with rail brake and wheels
  • Fall protection: Removable side railings to prevent falls.
  • Easy to move: The pit board can be moved quickly and easily on the rail thanks to the integrated wheels.
  • Slip-resistant surface: Ribbed aluminium plate for secure footing when crossing the rail pit.
  • Quick to brake: The integrated rail brake system ensures that the pit board stays securely in place on the rail.
02 Access steps

02 Access steps

ZARGES access solutions can be designed to suit the requirements of any rail vehicle – whether you are looking for a solution with fixed or adjustable height, ZARGES always has the exact solution you need. You can use our online configurator to put together your access solution yourself or have us create a special solution that meets your needs perfectly.

  • Online configurator
  • Fixed or adjustable height
  • Access platforms with protective padding
  • Removeable handrails and railings
  • Antistatic
  • Fixed castors for moving long distances or swivel castors for improved manoeuvrability
03 Front working platforms

03 Front working platforms

ZARGES front working platform enables personnel to work safely on the windscreen, windscreen wiper or the destination indicator.

  • High slip resistance: The anti-slip surface ensures that workers can stand safely on the platform
  • No platform gaps: Slide-out panel system to adapt the working platform's contour to front of the rail vehicle.
  • Easy access: The height-adjustable: ladder allows quick access to the platform.
  • High manoeuvrability and stability: Thanks to the heavy-duty castors and spindles on the chassis.
  • Guided by the rail: The optional rail-guided chassis allows you to move the platform directly on the rail.
  • Adjustable to the optimal working height: The platform can be positioned quickly using the easy-to-operate height adjustment mechanism, allowing work to be performed ergonomically.
04 Mobile front working platforms

04 Mobile front working platforms

More flexibility thanks to mobile front working platforms.

Mobile Frontarbeitsbühnen

  • High flexibility: adjustable additional step and additional ladder for more flexibility during maintenance work.
  • Variable access: access ladder can be hooked in on both sides.
  • For the rail: convertible attachment depending on the track.
  • Shock protection: Padding of the additional ladder.
  • Storage and transport: foldable stage for easy handling.
  • Optional transport module: with castors and forklift pockets for mobile use.
05 Roof working platforms

05 Roof working platforms

Roof working platforms

  • Closed-off working area: Fall prevention: trap doors to close off openings that lead to stairs or ladders located directly beneath the platform.
  • Prevents objects falling: The highest level of workplace safety because no gap is left between the platform and vehicle.
  • Fall protection: All-round railings to prevent falls, removable options are also available by request
  • Adjustable to the right height: The height adjustment mechanism ensures that workers can always carry out tasks at the right height.
  • High stability and manoeuvrability: Three-wheel heavy-duty castors for easy movement and spindles for high stability
  • Various access solutions: Access steps located directly beneath or to the side of the platform, optionally also available as fixed ladders.
06 Side working platforms

06 Side working platforms

Side working platforms
  • Flexible staircase: When the platform height is adjusted, the staircase automatically adapts to the new angle of inclination.
  • Removable railing segments: Railing segments can be removed as required to give you the exact access you need.
  • Height adjustment: Available with fixed or adjustable height. You can also select the type of height adjustment mechanism.
  • Castors: The platform and staircase are equipped with high-quality castors so that the working platform can be moved quickly.

Assembly stands – made especially for extension and final assembly

Assembly stands – made especially for extension and final assembly

  • Platform height and size can be customised according to requirements
  • Platform modules with cantilever arm system
  • With fixed or adjustable height
  • Front fall protection devices and various railing options
  • Platform surface made of textured plywood panel for good anti-slip properties as well as low foot noise generation
Options and accessories for platforms and platform systems

Options and accessories for platforms and platform systems

You can easily expand your platforms and platform systems using parts from our product range. This allows you to modify your equipment individually according to your requirements, e.g. configuring platforms to enable free access to all relevant working positions.

Electrical operation
ZARGES control panels or consoles allow for the operation of any electrical elements on your roof working stand

  • Integrated operating console
  • Stationary touch panel on the product
  • Mobile touch panel for greater flexibility

Clear and easy to use: You can equip your platforms or working stands with various utilities and tools.

  • LED lighting
  • Electronic elements
  • Compressed air systems
  • Water system
  • Direct power supply on the platform

Consultation. Planning. Assembly. Service & support.


On-site consultation carried out by ZARGES field service and our project engineers.
Online consultation with detailed configurators.


Design and costing: Informative quotes with all relevant information and 3D CAD files.
You will receive models and drawings for your approval.


On-site assembly by the ZARGES assembly team, including customer inspection and individual training.
Handover of technical documentation on use of the product.

Service & support

Reliable supply of spare parts. Helpful training courses to teach qualified personnel how to inspect the access equipment.
Legally required on-site product inspections by trained ZARGES employees.

Do you have any questions concerning our solutions for rail vehicles?

We deliver customised solutions – tailored exactly for your vehicles and facilities and in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001 – Quality management, DIN EN ISO 14122 – Permanent means of access to machinery, DIN EN 1090 – Execution of steel structures and aluminium structures, and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

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