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ZARGES online configurator for steps, platforms and bridging steps

Whether access, bridging or mobile platforms workplace. With the online configurator for steps, maintenance steps, access steps, platforms, platform steps and maintenance platforms, you get a solution easily with no waiting time – and without missing out on advice from our customer service department.

The advantages for you:

  • Intuitive operation
  • 3-D models during configuration
  • Instant quotation with drawings and 3-D model
  • Made to measure at no extra charge!

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The ZARGES configurator for fixed ladders and fixed ladder systems

maintenance ladders, emergency ladders, rescue ladders and machine access. The online planning system for fixed ladders guides you step by step to a fully configured fixed ladder. All relevant areas such as basic dimensions, material, platform arrangement and application area are queried and guide you logically through the configuration process.

The advantages for you:

  • Standards-compliant configuration including real-time 3D visualisation
  • Direct quotation including all important dimensions
  • 3D drawings for importing into your plans
  • Downloads for static calculations, measurement and check sheets
  • Tender texts

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The ZARGES Medical Configurator

Purchasing nursing or ward trolleys for hospitals is a time-consuming and complicated process. The ZARGES Medical Configurator lets you configure your own transportation trolley in just a few clicks and obtain a quote quickly and effortlessly.

This greatly simplifies the whole planning and purchasing process: you can customise everything from the design of the trolley's body to the arrangement of interior fittings and have access to a wide range of accessories. The ZARGES Medical Configurator ensures you will be able to put together the perfect solution even without any prior product knowledge. The exceptional 360° visualisation in 3D allows you to easily consult your colleagues right away about the trolleys and shelves you have configured. Needless to say, you will also receive a quote and a drawing of your configuration instantly after that. And all that for free! As a result, you will benefit from lower manufacturing costs, avoid laborious rounds of revision, and speed up your purchasing process.

Whether you are a purchaser, a planner or an organisation manager, the ZARGES Medical Configurator will help you get the right transportation trolley in no time. Easy, fast and free.

The advantages for you:

  • Individual and simple composition
  • Immediate offer incl. usual individual conditions
  • Independent planning without time-consuming coordination
  • All configurations 100% reliably realizable
  • 360° 3D visualization

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