The digital locking system from ZARGES: Simply more secure

The digital locking system from ZARGES: Simply more secure

Open to everyone, access only for authorised users

Perfect safety for every requirement. How the ZARGES locking system works.

Security and safety has always been the number 1 priority in clinics and hospitals but sometimes traditional methods such as a lock and key can be easily compromised. That's why digital access has become the advanced solution to reducing security breaches. With unique security solutions now developed and tested, ZARGES is your reliable partner to ensuring complete safety for your storage systems. As a leader in security solutions for trolley and cabinet systems, ZARGES MPO functional trolleys, MPO supply trolleys and cabinet systems can now be equipped with digital locks on request. Best of all: existing products can be easily retrofitted so there's no need to buy new systems. 

The advantages of the ZARGES locking system.

  • Our digital locking systems provide the high level security needed to protect equipment and locations.
  • No need to reinvest - can be integrated with existing systems and cards with ease. 
  • Easy to install.
  • All necessary information including authorisation rights are stored on the card.
  • Flexible solutions to meet requirements- choose from a range of software solutions to suit the needs of your organisation.
  • Full reporting - download activity log by user 
  • Existing locking systems and cards can continue to be used.

ZARGES locking system – software and cards for access authorisations

Software, terminal and cards are synchronised  to provide the highest security standards in protecting critical rooms and equipment in and around the hospital.


  • Access cards are loaded with the user's information and access authorisation levels. The usage information is transferred via the control centre to log all access instances. 


  • Information and authorisations are set and controlled via the terminals.


  • PC controlled central programming of the locks.
  • Easy to assign and modify user authorisations levels to access the locks.
  • Usage and access logging.
  • Usage analysis.

ZARGES digital locking system – flexibility as you need it

Package #1 "Single solution" – without programming.

The lock can be programmed using a master card without software. Ideal solution for up to 20 locks. If changes are made to the locking system, e.g. if a card is lost, this must be done directly at the lock. The system can be upgraded with programming and software at any time.


Package #2 "Island solution" – with smart programming software.

The solution for a better overview: Smart software is used to enable programming on a laptop. The data transmission is carried out via a wireless transmission device or a terminal. The locks are not integrated in the entire access control system.


Package #3 "All-In-One Solution" – with terminal.

The comprehensive solution: Complete access can be granted and controlled via a terminal. An administrator can provide each user with specific access control rights. The data is stored on the card and reported to the terminal at the end of the working day. This makes it easy to trace which employee worked on which cabinet.


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