People are our priority


People are our priority

ZARGES Medical: Sophisticated systems and solutions for hospital logistics and supply

Since 1998, Medical has been a leading supplier of comprehensive solutions for hospital logistics and offers consulting, organisation, equipment and service from a single source.

ZARGES products and solutions are designed to enable nursing staff to concentrate fully on their core tasks. The result: with Medical, storage and transport processes in nursing and all other operational areas dovetail seamlessly. This means lower costs, higher productivity and motivated personnel.

The ZARGES Medical Configurator

Purchasing nursing or ward trolleys for hospitals is a time-consuming and complicated process. The ZARGES Medical Configurator lets you configure your own transportation trolley in just a few clicks and obtain a quote quickly and effortlessly.

This greatly simplifies the whole planning and purchasing process: you can customise everything from the design of the trolley's body to the arrangement of interior fittings and have access to a wide range of accessories. The ZARGES Medical Configurator ensures you will be able to put together the perfect solution even without any prior product knowledge. The exceptional 360° visualisation in 3D allows you to easily consult your colleagues right away about the trolleys and shelves you have configured. Needless to say, you will also receive a quote and a drawing of your configuration instantly after that. And all that for free! As a result, you will benefit from lower manufacturing costs, avoid laborious rounds of revision, and speed up your purchasing process.

Whether you are a purchaser, a planner or an organisation manager, the ZARGES Medical Configurator will help you get the right transportation trolley in no time. Easy, fast and free.

The advantages for you:

  • Individual and simple composition
  • Immediate offer incl. usual individual conditions
  • Independent planning without time-consuming coordination
  • All configurations 100% reliably realizable
  • 360° 3D visualization

To the configurator

Medical advice and planning

Strategic planning and consistent implementation of the ZARGES logistics concepts boost efficiency lastingly in the healthcare sector and thus significantly cut costs. We offer you a comprehensive modular system and the corresponding service for optimum implementation. Our many years of experience in the healthcare sector give us and you the necessary basis for success. Our consultancy services are structured according to four phases:


Examination of the existing structures and assessment of your needs

  • Structure analysis
    A rough analysis is performed in order to ascertain exactly where supply structures can be
    improved. Existing structures are examined and displayed. Potential for optimisation is located, taking into consideration existing processes in your company.
  • Needs analysis
    The existing storage and transport media are defined and examined.
  • Optimisation approaches
    The objective of the structure analysis is to define the best way to minimise your operating costs and optimise internal processes.


Planning and optimisation of existing storage and transport capacities

Taking into consideration existing storage and transport media, we determine and calculate the actual requirements,
both with regard to quantities and cost.

  • Spatial planning
    We calculate the exact storage capacity needed on the basis of consumption analyses, and storage facilities are redesigned to meet the requirements with regard to hygiene and ergonomics. We also optimise the interfaces between operations, logistics and office organisation.
  • Drafting and design
    On the basis of logistical standards, we plan facilities which are tailored to the specific requirements of your company in both materials and design.
  • Schedule
    We supervise construction, co-ordinate and monitor technical processes and deadlines - if required, in co-operation with your technicians, planners and specialist engineers.


Support during integration

  • Commissioning
    We assist you during implementation and provide in-depth support for employees during the introductory phase and beyond.
  • Staff training
    All staff concerned undergo extensive training to familiarise them with the new structures and receive a training course and instruction on the new supply systems.


We never lose sight of your project. And we are still there for you when it's all wrapped up.

For aluminium systems and special solutions made from aluminium, ZARGES is the specialist you need. That's why we also handle the restoration and renovation of cable cars, and we can face the challenges of such a task with confidence. 

We have the know-how we have gained since the 1960s in the construction and manufacturing of aerial tramways, for example the cable railways at Eibsee or Alpspitz, the Nebelhorn and Fellhorn cable railways in Oberstdorf, the Schnalztal in South Tirol and the Hochriesbahn at the Chiemsee lake.

Since 2011, we have focused exclusively on the repair of cable car cabins.

Your advantages with our consultancy service

  • Where all elements dovetail perfectly, costs are cut, profits rise and productivity increases.
  • Everyone benefits - patients, staff and hospital management.
  • Practical hardware systems are an essential factor in logistics. But well thought-out and optimised processes are just as important.

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