Height-adjustable maintenance platforms and stairs

More flexibility and always the perfect height

ZARGES portfolio of height-adjustable products.

Our height-adjustable product portfolio offers the optimal access equipment and work platform for almost all production, maintenance and access applications. Thanks to the modular, expandable system, ZARGES is able to offer you maximum flexibility, variability and cost-effectiveness, regardless of your sector or application. Of course, we'll take into account your specific needs as well as the latest technical and safety standards to ensure our solution gives you optimal safety, maximum working comfort and flexibility.

Height-adjustable platform steps.

  • Flexibility: Experience more flexibility when working at height by using height-adjustable access steps with platform.
  • Ergonomics: Always carry out your tasks at the perfect working height, no matter how tall you are or how high the worksite is.
  • Easy to use: Ideal for working alone.
  • Improved safety: Convenient access via stairs and safe workspace thanks to a large platform.
  • Manoeuvrability and quick braking: Swivel castors and a central DUAL-STOP brake lets you set up the equipment in no time.
  • Variants: Choose from different heights and options tailored to indoor or outdoor applications, based on your exact needs.

Height-adjustable work platform.

  • Working in pairs: The platform's size and load capacity allow two people to work at the same time.
  • Manoeuvrability and stability: The swivel castors provide great mobility, and the additional slide-out stabilisers and levelling feet on the extension platform ensure stability.
  • Can be positioned over machines and commercial vehicles: The clearance of up to 4,000 mm allows you to reach great heights.
  • Height-adjustable access options: Choose between a fixed ladder, extension ladder and staircase. All access options can be flexibly adapted to the platform heights.
  • Optimised maintenance access: The cantilever platform (fixed or foldable) offers even more flexible access.

Height-adjustable work and maintenance platform.

  • Modular: Choose a combination of modules that best meet your needs.
  • Individual planning: Choose from various platform sizes, platform surfaces, guardrail variants and access options.
  • Working at height consultation: Let our experts advise you on selecting the right access equipment.

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