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For professionals in trade and industry

Working at height means working with confidence. Whether scaffolding, ladders, work platforms or stairs - you can only perform tasks if you can rely on your work equipment. ZARGES access technology meets the highest safety standards and unique functionality. 

Our access equipment uses the advantages of aluminium: high stability with low weight, corrosion resistance & flexibility. With our many years of experience, we not only have the right ladders and scaffolding for trade, industry, commerce or do-it-yourselfers, but also individual access technology solutions according to special requirements.

Steps and platforms

With its range of access steps and work platforms, ZARGES focuses on maximum safety, convenient flexibility and a high level of service. Platforms and stairs from ZARGES support access to a wide variety of systems in industry, factories and production facilities. Stairs, access steps and platforms from ZARGES can be optimally adapted to the requirements on site and thus offer the greatest possible safety in working, assembly and maintenance areas.

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Ladders & Stepladders

The possible uses of ladders are as varied as our range of ladders. Whether in trade, commerce, industry or the home: the multi-talented ladder is indispensable for many tasks. You will find top-quality ladders in professional quality in the ZARGES ladder range. Our wide range offers a wide variety of models and designs - the right ladder for every requirement. Our aluminium ladders, as well as some GRP and wooden ladders, are available as single ladders, rope ladders, stepladders, multi-purpose ladders or special ladders, depending on their use. Here you can distinguish between rung and step ladders.

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ZAP – ZARGES work platforms

The flexible work platforms and work platforms impress with their large footprint, 3-sided railing, castors for easy movement and compact dimensions. ZARGES work platforms are ready for use in just a few steps and offer a particularly safe and comfortable workplace. From telescopic platform ladders and platform steps to stepladders with large platforms and work platforms, you will find the right solution in the ZAP range.

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Mobile scaffold towers

Mobile scaffold towers - or rolling scaffold towers - are scaffold towers that can be moved freely on their stable castors. ZARGES mobile scaffold towers are equipped with chassis beams or stabilisers to ensure maximum stability. The scaffolding components are made of high-quality aluminium profiles and connections. The great advantage of ZARGES mobile scaffold towers is their lightweight construction and well thought-out design. This means that the mobile scaffold towers can be assembled quickly and easily by one or two people and can also be moved to another site when assembled.

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The LiftMaster U is always ready for use - without a power connection or battery. Because it can simply be cranked by hand to the desired working height. The LiftMaster U is completely self-sufficient, extremely low-maintenance and offers a safe workplace at any location and at any height.

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Fixed ladders

Unlike other types of ladder, fixed ladders are permanently mounted on a building or machine. ZARGES fixed ladders are available as single or multi-pass fixed ladder systems and are also known as escape ladders, emergency ladders, rescue ladders, building ladders, fire ladders or fixed ladders.

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Shaft equipment

ZARGES shaft ladders are made from the optimum materials for the various areas of application. Shaft ladders are most frequently used in environmental technology, civil engineering, maintenance shafts or supply shafts for buildings and industrial plants.

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