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Aluminium Boxes for Drones
Aluminium Boxes for First Responders
Aluminium Boxes for Sports
Aluminium Boxes for Photographers
Aluminium Boxes for dangerous goods
Aluminium Boxes for lithium batteries
Aluminium Boxes for police and defence
Aluminium Boxes for outdoors

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  1. 26680
    K 470 Universal Box
    The K 470 product range offers an exceptional selection of 25 standard sizes. Th... Learn More
  2. 37685
    The sturdy and lightweight transportation and storage solution with distinctive ... Learn More
  3. 27324
    ZARGES Box
    The safe and economical transport and storage solution with compact design. Learn More
  4. 37370
    K 470 universal case, IP 65
    For all applications where extra leak-tightness and greater protection against m... Learn More
  5. 37370
    K 470 - IP 67
    ZARGES K 470 - IP 67: optimised protection against water and dust. Learn More
  6. 36918
    K 470 truck toolbox
    The first mobile toolbox by ZARGES designed for pickup truck beds – innovative f... Learn More
  7. 38177
    K 470 - Battery Box
    For the safe storage and transport of defective or damaged lithium batteries in ... Learn More
  8. 27380
    K 470 Plus shipping case - hood-type container
    With the K 470 Plus, ZARGES is following an innovative packaging concept: a two-... Learn More
  9. 27322
    K 424 XC Mobile Box
    The new K 424 XC combines the legendary quality of ZARGES cases with new mobilit... Learn More
  10. 37937
    Transport box K 405
    Lightweight and safe: the storage box with an unusual form. Learn More
  11. 27152
    K 424XC Mobile Box full equipment packages
    A smart purchase – the most practical variants of a K 424 XC rolled into one.... Learn More

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Optimal packaging solutions made of aluminium: ZARGES aluminium boxes
ZARGES aluminium boxes and cases are the perfect solution for packaging, transporting and storing valuable, sensitive or dangerous goods.
Our aluminium boxes and cases are made of high-quality aluminium. The transport and storage boxes excel in terms of their protective features and durability. They are also sturdy, weather-resistant, rust-proof, stackable, easy to clean, hygienic and very lightweight compared with boxes made of other materials.

ZARGES aluminium boxes and transport cases are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes.
Whether it is for carrying industrial equipment, hazardous goods (GGV), camping and outdoor supplies, sailing equipment, tools, measuring instruments or batteries, ZARGES always have the right boxes or cases for you. The rugged aluminium boxes and cases can even withstand extreme temperatures. Extra-large closures and generously sized handles ensure they are easy to handle; the boxes and cases can be customised with well-designed and practical accessories to suit almost any applications. ZARGES can also produce special sizes in small quantities.

Mobile cases and stackable aluminium boxes with lid – there is a right case for every task
ZARGES aluminium cases. Solutions for any application. Our following series of boxes and cases are available in many different configurations: K 470 universal case, K 424 mobile aluminium box, ZARGES box and Eurobox. They offer relevant advantages for many applications: waterproof, spashproof, IP65, IP67, stackable, compatible with keylocks or combination locks, rollable, equipped with wheels or castors, MIL-STD, organisable with dividers, varnished. Customised and special variants are also possible.