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K 470 - universal battery box


  • Hazardous goods packaging certified for lithium batteries UN 3480, UN 3481, UN 3090, UN 3091.
  • Suitable for transporting prototypes, damaged or defective batteries, critically defective batteries and batteries for disposal and recycling.
  • Also passed fire tests involving critically defective batteries with nominal capacity of over 1,000 Wh (request specification from ZARGES).
  • Maximum outside temperature below 100°C, no flames or splinters escaping in the event of an accident.
  • High dielectric strength, i.e. also suitable for high-performance batteries, such as those used in power tools.
  • Padding and absorbent material are non-flammable, non-conductive and dust-free.
  • The box is also perfect for the storage of lithium-ion batteries.
  • Made in Germany

Hints and special features

  • Approved hazardous goods packaging cannot be taken back.

More Information

More Information
Corner beading
Material Aluminium
Colour of the stacking corners Natural aluminium
Handles Sprung drop handles
Number of handles 3
Seal foamed lid seal
Fasteners Comfort fasteners
Material of the stacking corners Aluminium
Stacking corners


Order number Colour of the stacking corners Corner beading Fasteners Handles Integrated wheels Internal dimensions L x W x H Material Material of the stacking corners Max. gross weight dangerous goods permission Number of handles Outside dimensions L x W x H Peripheral beading Seal Stacking corners Utilisable length Volume Weight
40583 Natural aluminium Yes Comfort fasteners Sprung drop handles No 550 mm × 350 mm × 220 mm Aluminium Aluminium 65 kg 3 approx. 600 mm × approx. 400 mm × approx. 250 mm No foamed lid seal Yes 390 mm 42 l 11.5 kg