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K 470 - Battery Box


For the safe storage and transport of defective or damaged lithium batteries in accordance with ADR P908 and SV 376.

  • High-quality special container made from aluminium.
  • Equipped with fireproof padding and absorbent material made of textured glass fibres.
  • Dust-free interior fittings.
  • Tested and approved as hazardous goods packaging in accordance with UN requirements, i. e. can be transported on public roads.
  • New: Meets the specifications laid out by BAM in Special Provision SV 376 for the transport of critically defective lithium batteries.
  • Fire test successfully passed. No inflammation. The neighbouring batteries remain intact. Temperatures on the outside of the box remain below 100°C.
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Hints and special features

  • Approved hazardous goods packaging cannot be taken back.


Order number Internal dimensions L x W x H Max. gross weight dangerous goods permission Outside dimensions L x W x H Volume Weight
40582 550 mm × 550 mm × 220 mm 65 kg 600 mm × 600 mm × 250 mm 67 l 11.5 kg