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Complete single-sided fuelling equipment for the fuelling platform with small height adjustment range.


The complete fuelling equipment provides the ZARGES fuelling platform with everything required for refuelling aircraft.

  • Storage tray for holding the fuel cap directly at the railings.
  • Canister holder, incl. canister.
  • Holder with full pipework, hose, pressure relief and coupling.
  • Fuelling equipment mounted on one side
  • Cable drum with 200 mm long cable for earthing the platform during refuelling.

Hints and special features

  • The fuelling equipment is already primed but not yet included for this product variant. However, the same product is also available with or without fuelling equipment.
  • Standards used:DIN EN 1915 - General requirementsPart 1 - Basic safety requirementsPart 2 - Stability and strength requirementsDIN EN 12312 - Aircraft ground support equipmentPart 5 - Aircraft fuelling equipmentPart 8 - Maintenance stairs and platforms