Basic information

For quick use and safe standing: folds to compact size and is quickly set up.

  • Large-area work platform 0.50 x 1.95 m or 0.60 x 2.50 m.
  • Peripheral railings for maximum safety.
  • Simple height adjustment according to the self-locking push-up ladder principle, allowing you to reach different heights with only one work platform.
  • Height adjustment can be operated by one person.
  • Easily collapsible for transport and storage.
  • Highly mobile and able to pass through doors when erected and collapsed thanks to rollers (Order No. 53794).
  • Swing-out stabilisers with sturdy height adjusters for stability and for levelling out uneven floor/ground surfaces.
  • No ballast weights are required for indoor use.
  • Two sizes with height adjustment from 1.25 m to 2.46 m or 1.81 m to 3.58 m platform height.
  • Scaffolding category 3 (can be loaded up to 200 kg/m²) according to DIN EN 1 004.


Order number
Working height (m)
Scaffolding height from/to (m)
Footpoint, stabiliser rod extended L x W (m)
Footpoint, stabiliser rod retracted L x W (m)
Weight (kg)
Platform height (m)
Variomaster T (Studio)
53794 4.50 2.31, 3.52 1.90, 2.30 0.80, 2.30 92.0 1.25, 2.46