Inside pocket with crosswise divider

Basic information

The flexible organisation system mit Velcro® fastening dividers.

  • Robust, water-repellent removable inside pocket made from polyester.
  • Completely sealable with all-round zip fastener.
  • Lateral bracing for easy loading and unloading.
  • Removable, with sturdy carrying handles.
  • Equipped with crosswise dividers with Velcro fasteners allowing them to be positioned as desired.

Special Feature

  • All inside bags are ideal for combining with the lid bags Order Nos 41820 and 41821.


Order number
Length (mm)
No. of crosswise dividers
Dimensions (mm)
K 424 XC - with inside bag and crosswise dividers (Studio)
41830 750 6 750, 550, 380