Basic information

On request, ZARGES can equip the K 424 XC with off-road wheels:

  • Mobility even in tough and difficult terrain.
  • High-quality air tyres, diameter 220 mm.
  • Increases ground clearance to 65 mm.
  • Support feet easy to mount allow the product to be put down horizontally.
  • Due to preparation at the factory, wheels and axle can be fitted and removed without the use of tools.
  • Compatible with K 424 XC series.


Order number
Wheel diameter (mm)
Load (up to max. kg)
Off-road set 220 mm (Studio)
41819 220 50.0
Off-road set 220 mm (Studio)
41832 220 50.0
Off-road set 220 mm (Studio)
41833 220 50.0