Telescopic single ladder

Basic information

The world champion when it comes to space-saving: extremely small format for transport, but wide rungs for a secure standing surface.

  • When pushed together, the ladder fits into any luggage compartment.
  • Can be adjusted to different heights - several ladders in one. As a result, it can be always be at the suitable height.
  • Wide rungs for comfortable ascent and descent.
  • Silicone anti-friction buffers in the stiles ensure maximum safety during telescoping.
  • New triangular stile for increased stability and resistance to torsion.
  • Abrasion-resistant, anodised stiles.


Order number
Overall length, extended (m)
Overall length, retracted (m)
Working height (approx. m)
Number of rungs
Weight (kg)
Horizontal stabiliser bar (m)
Telescopic single ladder (Studio)
40321 2.99 0.80 3.80 10 10.5
Telescopic single ladder (Studio)
40322 3.50 0.87 4.30 11 14.5 0.86