Protection against moisture, water jets and dust

Universal container K 470 with an IP 65 protection rating

K 470 aluminium contain with optional IP 65 protection rating

The K 470 universal container is a true aluminium case classic. Developed in 1950, it still stands for innovation, the highest quality standards, maximum functionality and fantastic design even until today. These are characteristics which made it the archetype on which most of the ZARGES logistics products were based. The K 470 thus offers the optimum solution for safe transportation, economical storage, perfect packaging and reliable protection of your goods against external influences – now with IP 65 protection.

K470 transport case

ZARGES has further optimised its extremely successful and legendary K 470 universal container:

  • These aluminium cases are used wherever valuable and sensitive equipment needs to be protected against extreme environmental influences. For decades now, users from many walks of life, such as military personnel, researchers, expedition teams and numerous other professionals from all fields, have placed their trust in the quality of ZARGES transport cases.
  • Up to now, the aluminium cases were equipped with reliable protection against dust and splashwater (IP 54) as standard. The new model can now also be used where even greater leak-tightness and increased protection against moisture, water jets and dust is required – for example when performing assembly work on vehicles, boats etc.
  • Protection to class IP 65 is achieved with an peripheral silicone seal and an optimised lid seal.
  • Further feature of the innovative equipment: To ensure that the lid opens reliably even after changes in air pressure, the K 470 IP 65 is equipped with an automatic pressure compensation valve. A Gore™ membrane ensures continuous compensation of differences in pressure and is impervious to dust, salts, water and other liquids. And as the valve is automatic, handling errors can be ruled out.
  • The K 470 IP 65 was subjected to rigorous testing by TÜV SÜD and certified impervious to dust and water jets.
  • With just a few exceptions, the optional seal is available for all K 470 catalogue sizes. In addition, you can choose the combination of the new equipment with additional UN approval for the transport of hazardous goods.
  • ZARGES innovations for your specific needs: State-of-the-art reusable aluminium packaging solutions, which not only offer optimum protection against moisture and dust, but are also suitable for the transportation of explosive, toxic, infectious, caustic or combustible liquid substances.

ZARGES K 470 universal case – easily repels water and dust.

ZARGES K 470, now dustproof and water jet protected in accordance with protection class IP 65

K 470 universal container, IP 65
For all applications where extra leak-tightness and greater protection against moisture, water jets and dust is required.