Product guide for access equipment

Use the new ZARGES product guide to find your optimal access equipment

Scaffolding, ladders, work platforms or steps? Mobile or stationary? Access or workplace?

The right ladder, scaffolding or platform is not always instantly clear because access equipment may need to meet a multitude of requirements. Maintaining an overview can be difficult. There are also standards and industrial safety laws which need to be considered.

The ZARGES product guide makes it easy to find the right access equipment.

Determine your requirements and find the perfect access equipment with just a click on the table:

Access to a workplace
The access equipment is merely a connecting link between your starting point (the ground) and a workplace situated high up.
Workplace on the access equipment
Work is carried out over longer periods on the access equipment.
Examples of applications
Use as a mobile acces Use as a fixed access Bridging great differences in height Use as a fixed escape and rescue route
Short-term work at great height Long-term work at great height Working at height with frequent changes of location Work at great height requiring several persons Work at great height with material or equipment

Recommended according to the relevant guidelines and regulations in cooperation with:

= ideally suited = suitable