Standards, regulations and laws

ZARGES offers you customised solutions for working safely at height. ZARGES products comply with current German national and international standards. Our development and production processes, which have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2008, guarantee safety and the highest level of reliability, including quality certified according to DIN EN ISO 14122.

What are DIN standards?

DIN standards are issued by Deutsche Institut für Normung e.V. (English: German Institute for Standardisation). "DIN" is used to indicate German standards, while "DIN EN" is used for the German edition of European standards. More about DIN standards on Wikipedia.

DIN standards are only available only for a fee from the German Institute for Standardisation, e.g. from Beuth-Verlag. The publishing house Beuth-Verlag is a subsidiary of DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.

Members of the public have access to DIN standards at what are known as DIN repositories; all DIN standards are also available at the German National Library. Likewise, many DIN standards and drafts can be found in textbooks regarding certain subject areas as well as in libraries. You can also find extracts of individual standards on the internet.

DIN standards relevant to access equipment

  • EN ISO 9001: This standard specifies the requirements on a quality management (QM) system. A company will have to adhere to this standard if it wants to show that the company supplies products that comply with the requirements of its customers and the authorities as well as if it is striving to improve customer satisfaction. Consisting of eight chapters, the EN ISO 9001 describes the entire QM system using examples and forms the basis of a comprehensive QM system. More about the quality management standard on Wikipedia.
  • DIN EN 131 – Ladders: All ZARGES ladders comply with this standard. It comprises four parts that respectively deal with terms, types and functional sizes; requirements, testing and marking of ladders; safety instructions; and user instructions.
  • DIN EN 14183 – Step stools: All ZARGES step stools comply with this standard. It contains information on the standardisation of step stools.
  • DIN EN 1004 – Mobile work platforms: A standard concerning mobile work platforms made of prefabricated components – materials, dimensions, load assumptions and safety-related requirements.
  • DIN EN ISO 14122 – Safety of machinery, permanent means of access to machinery: A four-part standard that deals with selection of permanent means of access between two levels as well as with work platforms and walkways, steps, stepladders and railings, and fixed ladders.


Legislators have enacted laws to protect employees. Relevant guidelines on the use of access equipment can also be found here. German laws are available online for free at courtesy of the German Federal Ministry of Justice.


As a secondary authority, the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) deals with workplace safety and issues obligatory regulations (DGUV Regulations) and information sheets (DGUV Information).

The regulations can be accessed free of charge at You can perform in-depth research at

  • DGUV Information 208-016 – Instructions on the proper handling of ladders and step stools: This applies to the inspection of ladders and step stools effective on 1 January 2008. The instruction manual contains the essential content of "UVV Leitern and Tritte (BGV D36)" [English: Accident Prevention Regulation for Ladders and Step Stools] as well as the sections in "UVV Bauarbeiten" [English: Accident Prevention Regulation for Construction Work] relevant to ladders. The DGUV Information 208-016 is likewise applicable across different sectors.
  • DGUV Information 201-011 – Instructions on the proper handling work and safety scaffolds: According to the definition of the DIN 4420 standard, work and safety scaffolds are structures that consist of levels of different lengths and widths, are assembled from scaffolding components at the deployment site, are used for their intended purposes, and can be dismantled again.

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