The ZARGES fixed ladder configurator

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The fixed ladder configurator – the planning system for fixed ladders

Fixed ladders – both as a permanent means of access to elevated work sites and as an ascending or escape ladder – are an important element in planning. ZARGES is offering a new internet tool in the form of a multimedia planning system for fixed ladders. This system will especially help planners and architects in planning such ladder systems.

This online configurator is based on the same system already successfully used for ZARGES Creaxess steps, bridges and platform steps.

The benefits of the ZARGES planning system for fixed ladders (fixed ladder configurator):

  • Standards-compliant online configuration including real-time 3D visualisation
  • Instant quotation including 2D drawings with all important dimensions
  • 3D models for importing into your plans (after approval by ZARGES)
  • Downloads for static calculations, measurement and check sheets, product images, and presentations
  • Tender documents for planners and architects

The system will guide you through the individual steps and prompt you to enter all relevant information in a logical sequence, such as the area of application, base dimensions, material, safeguards, arrangement of platforms, means of entry/exit, access protection measures and accessories.

Configure fixed ladder systems easily online

All regulations and standards are taken into account automatically, such that it is practically impossible to make mistakes during planning. At the end of the planning process, the system will automatically generate a quotation, including a part list and a dimensioned drawing. You can also access 3D illustrations that can be imported into other planning programs.

In particular, the automatic verification of compliance with all standards and regulation is a feature that makes the planning system an indispensable tool for planners and architects. The system has been designed such that it is useful not only for planning new buildings and systems, but also for retrofitting existing buildings with emergency ladder systems, which are more and more often required as a second means of emergency escape.

Other advantages of the ZARGES planning system for fixed ladders (fixed ladder configurator):

  • Comprehensive product range, incl. security systems
  • Available in four types of material: natural aluminium, anodised aluminium, galvanised steel, stainless steel
  • Static calculations in the modular system for every component listed in the planning system.
  • This allows every component to be combined with each other as you wish, even when they are made of different materials.
  • Tested to the current German national and international standards (DIN 18799-1, DIN 14094-1, DIN EN ISO 14122 and EN 353-1) incl. test certificates for all materials.
  • CE-approved system with declaration of conformity
  • Simple and easy assembly

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