Straight talking. Trainees reveal all.

Straight talking. Trainees reveal all.

First and final year industrial mechanic trainees

Our names are Sarah (17) and Bartul-Mateo (20) and we our training as industrial mechanics. We are in the first and final years of training at ZARGES.

I (Sarah) find out about the company ZARGES as a training company by participating in the Girls' Day at ZARGES organised by my secondary school. This event enabled me to get a great insight into the company ZARGES itself as well as into the job of an industrial mechanic. The experience appealed to me very much and prompted me to send in my application.

For me (Bartul-Mateo) the company was very appealing as a training place, because I live in Weilheim. I therefore have a short commute to a company with a good reputation. Both of us had also heard a lot of good things about the company generally, the quality of its products, and the way it treats its employees. So everything spoke for the company which led to us having the opportunity to begin our careers here.

As industrial mechanics, the first few months of our training is spent learning basic skills in ZARGES own training workshop. This includes, for example, filing and welding of aluminium or working drilling and turning machines. After lots of practice at these skills, we start the second year of training by going from one department to the other in the training workshop and and going through the operation process in production. We are then almost exclusively work in production with our colleagues teaching and showing us the various tasks. Exam preparation is scheduled for the final year of training, as well as employment at our expected workplace in production.

The training at ZARGES is characterised above all by the fact that we trainees get on really well with each other and are therefore able to work well together in a team. We are therefore able to give each other plenty of support. Relations with our trainers is also really good which makes the time spent training very pleasant.

Ans we can definitely say that the working atmosphere at ZARGES is really great. All the colleagues are really nice to us, patiently showing us how to do our tasks and letting us feel like fully fledged members of the ZARGES team.

We are of course happy about being paid well during our traineeship – and we should also mention that after finishing our training, we can earn more than the collectively agreed salary. We therefore highly recommend training at ZARGES because you get to learn plenty of technical knowledge with the company also being great in terms of its people.

Magdalena (19) & Sebastian (17)

First and final year industrial business administrators

We are Magdalena (19) and Sebastian (17) and train as an industrial business administrators. We are in the first and second years of training at ZARGES.

We got to know ZARGES through a job fair in Weilheim and a lecture at the secondary school in Weilheim. The company is also very well known locally and has a good reputation in terms of its products, employees and the company itself. Friends and relations who work at ZARGES also confirm this was the case.

It is a course very appealing to have only a short drive to get to work. So we decided to apply and are now during a training at ZARGES.

As industrial business administrators, we spend time at ZARGES in many commercial as well as technical departments. In this way, we get to know the tasks in sales, human resources, accounting, purchasing and many other departments. In some departments, we are in constant contact with customers or suppliers.

We also spend time, for example, in production. The tasks we learn there are not directly necessary to work as a business administrator, but it is still very helpful to become better aware of our products and how all the departments within the company are interlinked.

What we particularly like about a traineeship at ZARGES is the fact that we are allowed to take on many tasks ourselves and work independently from the very beginning. We are also entrusted with projects that we can then develop independently in a team. These help the company, and also make us feel already during our training that we are an important part of the company. Also very positive about ZARGES is that from the very first day you are warmly received by your colleagues and integrated into the ZARGES team. Everyone takes time to show and explain the areas of work and the associated tasks.

We should also mention the flexibility we get from being able to work flexitime already during training. We are also happy with the extra money we get from the good salary.

We therefore highly recommend training at ZARGES because you get to learn and experience a lot of specialist knowledge and the company is also great from a human point of view.