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  1. 42658
    Everest 2E
    The convenient solution for working at great heights with maximum ladder width f... Learn More
  2. 42672
    Everest 2DE
    Safe, flexible and suitable for great heights, with an excellent price/performan... Learn More
  3. 42622
    Everest EFA 2E
    Plastic ladder for access to great heights, for use in electrical and chemical e... Learn More
  4. 42427
    R13step B
    The ladder with the highest non-slip performance thanks to R13 treads for oily a... Learn More
  5. 42407
    Saferstep B
    The comfort version for flexible application, with high safety due to the use of... Learn More
  6. 42387
    Comfortstep B
    Shin protection during ascent and descent and attractive design ensure high comf... Learn More
  7. 42357
    XLstep B
    Low weight and optimum price/performance ratio without compromising on comfort o... Learn More
  8. 42371
    Seventec B
    Stable and comfortable: deep treads for safe standing, smooth stiles that are co... Learn More
  9. 42343
    Nova B
    Flexible access equipment for safe ascent and working at heights of up to 3.65 m... Learn More
  10. 42459
    Coni B
    Whenever you need access to great heights: flexibility with up to 20 rungs for w... Learn More
  11. 42333
    EFA B
    For flexible applications in electrical or chemical environments and for working... Learn More
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ZARGES access equipment – for trades and industrial professionals
ZARGES access equipment has been a trusted companion for industrial and trades professionals for almost 90 years. The company's ladders, scaffold towers and work platforms are versatile and impress with their exceptional quality. 
Ladders, scaffold towers and other access solutions made by ZARGES allow you to work safer and faster.

ZARGES access products are extremely safe and easy to use, allowing you to concentrate on the actual task and not waste time worrying about safety or any complicated erection process. 
Ladders and scaffold towers for trades professional and DIY enthusiasts.
The professional quality of ZARGES ladders and scaffold towers are trusted not just by industrial professionals. We also pride ourselves as a premium equipment supplier for trades professionals and DIY enthusiasts who have work safety and easy handling as their top priority.