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PaxTower S-PLUS 1T and 1T packs


  • The new, convenient packs allow the PaxTower to be erected to various heights. The packs are marked with different colours to show the user which ones are needed for their desired scaffold height and to help them make the right purchase decision.


Order number Description Weight
53550 EN 1004 add-on pack (red) 13 kg
53551 Stabiliser pack (green) 14 kg
53552 Toeboard pack (brown) 9.2 kg
53553 One-metre extension pack 1T (pink) 18.7 kg
53554 Two-metre extension pack 1T 27.6 kg
53555 Supplementary two-metre frame 1T (purple) 8.3 kg
53556 Guardrail pack 1T (yellow) 8 kg
53558 Missing translation 22.2 kg
53559 Two-metre extension pack S-PLUS (blue) 34.7 kg