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RetouЯ® collapsible cases for less-than-cargo lots


Collapsible reusable packaging made of aluminium alloy.

  • Can be collapsed quickly and easily by one person.
  • Simple handling due to interlocking profiles with connection locking device on the floor pan and side parts.
  • Side protection profiles.
  • High degree of stability through three sets of profiles on the outside walls.
  • Folding ratio 1:3.
  • Lid securely fastened to rear wall by swing-type hinge.
  • End walls and lid with additional, externally mounted stiffening profiles.
  • Self-locking fasteners, suitable for lead seals and / or locking with a shackle lock.
  • Stacking corners.
  • Suitable for use on roller conveyors.
  • 15 mm free space when collapsed (e. g. for interior fittings).
  • Supplied with wood pallet and wood side protection profiles.
  • Special sizes on request.

Hints and special features

  • Aluminium pallet and aluminium side protection profiles are optional extras.
  • Also available as UN-approved hazardous goods packaging.


Order number Folding dimension height Internal dimensions L x W x H Max. gross weight dangerous goods permission Outside dimensions L x W x H Volume Weight
45070 145 mm 730 mm × 530 mm × 570 mm 120 kg approx. 800 mm × approx. 600 mm × approx. 600 mm 221 l 21 kg
45073 287 mm 1.130 mm × 730 mm × 740 mm 180 kg approx. 1.200 mm × approx. 800 mm × approx. 900 mm 610 l 62 kg