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Single-stile ladder with integrated arrester rail.


  • Non-slip perforated rungs with end stops. Welded to the arrester rail.
  • Jointing pieces between the individual parts of the ladder.
  • Ladder width 370 mm.

Hints and special features

  • If the spatial conditions on-site do not permit the use of double-stile fixed ladders, it is also possible to use so-called single-stile ladders, on which the fall arrester system simultaneously forms the ladder stile (located centrally).


Order number Length Material Weight
47533 1.4 m Galvanised steel 7.4 kg
47534 1.96 m Galvanised steel 10.1 kg
47535 2.8 m Galvanised steel 14.4 kg
47553 1.4 m Stainless steel 7.4 kg
47554 1.96 m Stainless steel 10.1 kg
47555 2.8 m Stainless steel 14.4 kg