W 150 dolly trolley


When it comes to solving “weighty” transportation and storage problems, the highly manoeuverable ZARGES dolly trolleys are indispensable, economical helpers. Whether in the high or the low version, they literally make light work of handling and transporti

  • Aluminium chassis, low version.
  • Running gear: 2 swivel and 2 fixed castors, ∅ 125 mm, 40 mm wide, easy running, rubber wheels, “non-marking”, roller bearings, thread guards.

More Information

More Information
Load up to max. 150 kg


Order number Ext. length Ext. width Fits outside dimensions Weight
40607 600 mm 400 mm approx.600mm × approx.400mm 4.6 kg
40608 800 mm 600 mm approx.800mm × approx.600mm 5.5 kg