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Workmaster T


Mobile and comfortable: folding work platform with step access and central brake.

  • Swing-up steps with treads 200 mm deep for comfortable and safe ascent.
  • Can be moved very quickly and comfortably, as it has four swivel castors on the access section and two fixed castors on the support section.
  • Will pass through doorways - even when erected.
  • Flexible applications due to three different platform heights with just one work platform.
  • Double-sided handrail on the access steps and platform railing for maximum work safety.
  • Folding frame and pivotable steps mean space-saving transport and storage.
  • Large-area work platform 1,800 x 600 mm.

Hints and special features

  • Central brake is locked by stepping on the pedal instead of having to lock all four swivel castors individually.

More Information

More Information
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Order number Base area incl. steps, L x W Dimensions, folded Height including railing Length Platform height Transport dimensions Weight Width Working height
53796 2,71m × 0,75 m 1,93 m × 0,75 m × 0,75 m max. 1.93 m 1.93 m 0,42m / 0,72m / 0,99m 2.310 mm × 785 mm × 1.955 mm 54 kg 0.75 m 3 m