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Fuelling platform with height adjustable between 1.90 and 3.20 metres.

SKU: epim23929


The fuelling platform equipped with hydraulic height adjustment offers you flexible access to fuelling stations at various heights.

  • Hydraulic height adjustment between 1.90 and 3.20 metres.
  • This product can be ordered with towing eye or ball coupling on its tow bar depending on the towing vehicle used.
  • A platform (918 x 830 mm) that is optimised for safe standing and offers enough space for performing refuelling ergonomically.
  • The anti-slip x-cut flooring on the treads and platform is pervious to water and, with its R13 anti-slip rating, offers maximum standing stability and safe stepping.
  • The 530mm pneumatic tyres in combination with a tow bar permits towing at speeds of up to 30 km/h.
  • Our ladders comply with the European standards EN ISO 14122-2, -3, EN 12312-8 and EN 1915.

Hints and special features

  • No fuelling equipment is included for this product variant. However, the same product is also available with fuelling equipment.
  • Standards used:DIN EN 1915 - General requirementsPart 1 - Basic safety requirementsPart 2 - Stability and strength requirementsDIN EN 12312 - Aircraft ground support equipmentPart 5 - Aircraft fuelling equipmentPart 8 - Maintenance stairs and platforms