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How do I find the right spare part?

To select the correct spare part, you require the exact stile outside dimensions of your ladder. In this guide, we show you how to measure the stile outside dimensions of your ladder in order to select the correct spare part.

  1. Expose the ladder stile, e.g. by removing the ladder caps.
  2. Use a measuring calliper to measure the exact outside dimension of the ladder stile. Measure the width and depth of the ladder stile. Note down the dimensions.
  3. Select the spare part that matches the dimensions you noted. Caution: spare parts can differ only by a few millimetres. It is better to measure several times if you are unsure about which spare part is the right one.

Do you need help with your selection?

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  • For Plazatec P, order nos. 41673, 41683–41685 and for Plazamax P, order nos. 41923–41926 and 41928.

Hints and special features

  • Due to design modifications, it is necessary to note not only the ladder type but also always the outside dimension of the stiles.

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More Information
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Order number Stile dimensions Version
800142 34 mm × 20 mm front
800143 68 mm × 20 mm rear