We protect what you value: Individual foam inserts for ZARGES boxes and cases

Individual foam inserts for boxes and cases from ZARGES.

We protect what you value.

ZARGES boxes and cases - now available with customisable ZARGES foam inserts.

When it comes to ultimate protection for valuable and sensitive material, at ZARGES, we lead the way in providing innovative storage and transportation solutions with our range of aluminium boxes and cases. With unrivalled expertise in break-proof and damage-preventing transport solutions, we’re proud to have taken our innovation to the next level by launching our own design, production and assembly facility for foam inserts, uniquely and individually designed for ZARGES aluminium boxes and cases.

In our ultra-modern foam cutting facility, we manufacture custom-fit individual foam inserts designed and fitted in accordance to our customers' requirements. Everything from a single facility, from identifying and understanding the customer requirements, to designing and producing one complete solution for the box or case.

Create your customises foam insert in five easy steps:

1. Tell us your transport requirements for the aluminium boxes with foam inserts

Simply describe your requirements which includes the type of item(s) you need to transport. A simple guide with the sort of information we’d like to identify:

  • simple linings or multi-layer foam inserts
  • conductive, antistatic
  • flame-retardant resistant to UV
  • temperature resistance
  • mineral oil and chemical resistance
  • colour, haptic and optical requirements

If you’re unsure about technical requirements, we can help you define the type of foam solution that would suit your needs by simply understanding what you will be using the boxes or cases for.

2. Our recommendations for the appropriate foam inserts and interior lining

With your specifications and our many years of experience, together we will find the perfectly matched product solution and select the appropriate inner packaging from the wide range of ZARGES aluminium boxes and cases. The correct selection of the various foam components (hardness, colour, density) determines the optimum interior lining.

3. Design & construction of foam inserts for aluminium cases

In our in-house design and planning department will work with the information you’ve provided to design a suitable solution and a 3D drawing is created before actual production takes place.

4. Production & assembly of the foam insert

The drawing from the design department goes directly to the CAD cutting and milling machines to produce your inner packaging. A state-of-the-art water jet cutter ensures clean cuts without fraying of the material. When all the foam lining components have been cut to size, our trained specialists accurately fit and glue these into the case to ensure you have durable protection without slipping or canting.

5. Receive your ZARGES aluminium box with customised foam inserts.

From working with you to identify your needs to planning, designing and assembling the customised foam for your case, we pride ourselves on putting the customers’ individual needs at the heart of what we do. Not just an advantage when things must move quickly, but indispensable for the outstanding quality and protective properties of the entire product. 

Why an original ZARGES foam lining for aluminium boxes and cases?

Foam inserts and foam linings for aluminium boxes are ideal for protecting and safely transporting equipment such as photography equipment, pressure bottles, sensitive measuring instruments, electronic devices (e.g. drones), model making and tools etc.

With many years of manufacturing and investment in state-of-the-art technology to produce the best quality products, ZARGES stands out above all when it comes to producing individual foam solutions. Modular and individual components of the transport boxes can be configured and expanded, and the foam inserts can be customised and manufactured as unique inner linings to suit individual requirements.

With over 400sqm of the foam production area for foam inserts for boxes and cases, state-of-the-art production stations have been installed with a splitting machine, a laminating line, a band saw, a water jet cutting system and a CNC milling machine including plotter. The foam production is certified according to DIN EN 7715 part 5 class P1 to P3.

Our own foam production facility is based at the same site as where we produce our universal boxes and cases so we can produce and deliver unique and bespoke solutions within a short lead time. By combining your ZARGES transport boxes with foam inserts, you get the ultimate after-sales support and service. We're all about providing an integrated service that will support your individual needs with a cost-effective, professional complete solution.

Questions about the individual foam inserts for ZARGES aluminium boxes and transport cases? Write to us and we will get in touch with you immediately.

If you have any questions, please use our checklist for foam inner linings:
Checklist for individual foam inserts (PDF)

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