Perfectly coordinated details

Robust and economic handle

Durable aluminium tubes are welded as corner retaining plates and fixed to the container with 8 full rivets – so you always have everything under control.

Wide opening lid for easy unpacking

  • 350-l- / 500-l containers:
    270° lid opening, collapsible, belt strap available on request.
  • 70-l- / 415-l- /655-l containers:
    110° lid opening, belt strap as standard.
  • 240-l container:
    110° lid opening via special hinge.

Spring-loaded flap with or without locking bar

Lids are equipped as standard with a deposit slot and spring-loaded flap. Locking bars for securing the flap are available as an option.

Castors for optimal mobility

The use of high-quality castors on the ZARGES DATA® security containers guarantees optimum mobility, even for high payloads.

Individual labelling of your security container

The redesigned logo holder on the lid allows you to label your container individually. Label your ZARGES DATA® security container with your company logo, the name of your department or other information. Print out your label, cut it to size and insert it. We recommend you order an empty sheet of waterproof labels for your printer at the same time. And of course, we can also supply your ZARGES DATA® security container security container pre-labelled with your company logo. The sturdy plexiglass sheet protects your label from scratches. Logo holders are delivered with the ZARGES DATA® logo as standard.

If you use the latch lock, logo holder 2 can be attached in the recess as an option.

Lock variants for more data security

Circumferential protective lid piping in various colours

Select from five standard piping colours. For large order quantities, you can choose your own colour – contact our customer advisors.

Riveted joints and beads for stability

  • All riveted joints on ZARGES DATA security containers are made with high-quality full rivets.
  • Beading all round the box and at the corners provides added sturdiness to the end and side walls (70 l container with corner bead only).