Shelving system

Efficient, flexible and highly customisable.

People are able to pick order fast and thus work efficiently if they can find their way around a warehouse quickly and have a good overview of the products in storage.

However, warehousing can be made even more efficient when you make optimal use of existing space and are able to adapt your storage solution quickly and easily to changing processes whilst keeping the operation running.

The new ZARGES shelving system lets you increase the efficiency of your warehouse and boost productivity.

It can be easily and flexibly adapted to your specific needs without tools and offers quick navigation and optimal structuring of shelving units thanks to its intelligent accessories.

The ZARGES shelving system at a glance

Perfect organisation – thanks to practical accessories

Everything you need for your day-to-day work.

Labelling of all storage locations. Can be easily clipped on and adjusted to different heights.

Telescopic rails with tool-free installation and soft-close feature that works even under heavy load.

Labelling of shelf rows – easy to attach

The height of insert rails and telescopic rails can be easily adjusted.

Optimal use of shelf space: Shelves are detachable.

Clip-on label holder – can be fitted with a wide range of labels.

Versatile in use

The ZARGES shelving system is extremely versatile thanks to its easy-to-fit accessories. The shelving system is particularly suitable for:

Hospital pharmacy

Sterile storage

Kanban storage system

Individual solutions

Universal shelving system with ISO standard modules

Storage and retrieval trolley – mobile version of the shelving system

The storage and retrieval trolley is the perfect solution for storing and moving both consumables and durables, such as laundry and medication, in a hygienic manner.

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