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Special solutions

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Big projects need big solutions - and a partner who keeps an eye on the big picture so that you can concentrate on your core business. Whether individual modules, assemblies or entire systems: we plan, design and create the system adapted to your requirements for almost all industrial production, maintenance or access areas.

Discover the flexibility, variability and cost-effectiveness of ZARGES access solutions for industrial plants, vehicle maintenance, rail vehicle assembly aircraft and helicopters.

Solutions for the industry

For almost all industrial production, maintenance or access areas, we have perfectly matching accesses, stairs, crossings and working platforms in our access technology solutions for industry. The modular expandable system allows for maximum flexibility, variability and cost-effectiveness, regardless of the industry or application. 

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Solutions for rail vehicles

ZARGES is the market leader for access technology in Europe and a full-service partner for accesses as well as work and assembly platforms in the rail vehicle, bus, rail and rail transport sectors. Thanks to the widest product range on the market, all requirements from standard products to individual special solutions can be covered.

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Special solutions for aviation

ZARGES is your partner for efficient maintenance, repair and operations (MRO) of aircraft and helicopters. ZARGES systems provide fast and flexible, yet always safe access to all areas of maintenance.

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Access solutions for commercial vehicles and buses

The maintenance and servicing of commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers, municipal vehicles and buses is time-consuming and costly. All the better if access concepts for maintenance and repair make the necessary work as easy as possible. ZARGES offers a wide range of access solutions for vehicle production and maintenance.

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Defence, police

Uncompromising quality combined with continuous innovation - this is what ZARGES has stood for for over 80 years. Thanks to decades of brand and innovation leadership in the areas of climbing, packaging & transport and special solutions, we can now offer you products and services that set the standards in the market for safety, protection and ergonomics.

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Radar and navigation

A wide diversity of highly accurate antenna systems are necessary to ensure the safety of air transport and these need to function reliably under all conditions. ZARGES delivers all necessary mechanical components according to customer specifications.

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When designing and manufacturing antennas for directional and satellite radio, dimensional accuracy is crucial. We have decades of experience in this field from a large number of completed projects. Fields of application are directional radio, television, telecommunications in fixed and mobile networks (including UMTS).

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