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Customised work and maintenance platforms for the aviation sector


ZARGES work and maintenance platforms can be customised to suit your requirements at any time. We will work together with you to find the solution to your problem.

  • Fixed or with chassis for mobile applications.
  • Detached or attached directly to the machines or equipment.
  • With fixed or adjustable height.
  • Various methods of access in the form of stairs, ladders or ramps (can also be installed under the platform in conjunction with a trap door).
  • Sliding panels and bumpers.
  • Modular, deconstructable or single-piece design.
  • With pillar-mounted slewing crane for lifting and lowering materials with convenience.
  • A variety of railing options, including fixed or height-adjustable railings, foldable railing cages and fall protection devices.
  • The following standards are applied to our products: DIN EN 1915 Part 1 and 2, DIN EN 12312 Part 5 and 8, DIN EN 14122, and DIN EN 1004.