The ZARGES container for photographic equipment.

Made by professionals for professionals.

Getting equipment safely to the location on outdoor shoots

Shoots in nature:
a challenge for photographers and a major problem for the equipment. How do you get cameras, lenses, lighting, generators, lightboxes etc. safely and easily to the location?

Some photographers, including the Dortmund-based Patrick Temme, have discovered the K 424 XC from ZARGES. The mobile version of the well-known and popular aluminium box that is already being by many photographers. With an extra 45 mm higher frame at the bottom in which a telescopic handle as well as standard 50 mm wheels are integrated. There is also the option to install all-terrain 125 mm rubber wheels. The transport boxes remain easy to stack. Lightweight, flexible and robust.

The aluminium box focusing on functionality

Six sizes ,28-195 litre content and plenty of benefits:

  • Integrated 50 mm wheels
  • Base foam insert as standard
  • Fully retractable telescopic handle
  • Stacking corners

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Ergonomic transportation of photographic and film equipment:

in the mobile K 424 XC with integrated wheels and telescopic handle

For use by amateur and professional photographers – find your K 424 XC ZARGES Box

The K 424 XC aluminium box series comprises 6 models with a capacity of 28 to 195 litres. You will then always find the right aluminium box for the safe and easy transportation of small or large quantities of photographic equipment.

Integrated 50 mm wheels and the robust stacking corners make these universal boxes reliable assistants. All K 424 XC boxes are equipped with abrasion-proof foam linings in the base.

Find out the details about the K 424 XC now.

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Your photographs are unique due to the visual imagery – ZARGES aluminium and transport boxes are unique due to their details.

Stacking corners
A team has many players.

This is the reason why the K 424 XC is easy to stack?
Comfortable sprung drop handles.
Easy to carry when necessary. White handles provide optimal carrying comfort.
Comfort fastener
If the aluminium case is left unsupervised, security is ensured via fasteners with plug locks.
Telescopic handle
The handle is directly integrated into the aluminium box and ensures the aluminium case can be moved ergonomically by pulling.
Integrated wheels
Integrated 50 mm wheels for optimal mobility.
125 mm wheels – optional
Also on uneven surfaces and over longer distances.
Off-road set
All-terrain wheels, 220 mm diameter for demanding conditions.
Optional, for all-terrain wheel set 220 mm, folding

Made by professionals for professionals

Patrick Temme, photographer form Dortmund

I’m impressed with the diversity of applications for the “trolley with an aluminium block”. The tiny wheels move extremely quietly and the larger wheels means you can also go off-road. You can really see ZARGES experience in the construction. It has many features which are optimally designed for practical use.

I use the K424 XC mainly for outdoor assignments and assignments abroad. It fully protects my cameras and lenses because the boxes fit perfectly in airline cargo crates. And there is one other small benefit: you can stand on it. I rarely need a ladder but occasionally a step up...

Markus Finsterwald, photographer from Munich

30% of my work involves photographing away from my studio in Munich. For the transport of my cameras, lenses, flashes, rechargeable batteries, etc. I have always used the stable aluminium cases from ZARGES. However, to be mobile I also had to acquire an additional trolley which also took up space.

The new K 424 XC aluminium box with integrated wheels is the ideal solution for the mobility problem. The price is a bit higher than for other boxes but ZARGES products are extremely durable so the investment is worthwhile.

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