ZARGES Box, Eurobox, K470 and more

The aluminium cases for all purposes

ZARGES Box, Eurobox, K 470 & co. – made for extreme challenges.

Hardly any product in the world is as versatile in use as cases and boxes made by ZARGES. They have been used to transport equipment during polar expeditions as well as books for schools in Africa. But ZARGES aluminium boxes and cases are exceptional even in normal day-to-day use thanks to their many advantages for packaging, transport and storage.

Made of aluminium, the boxes stand out through their great durability and low weight. In addition, there are a myriad of details that underscore their quality. Stainless-steel hinges, solid rivets, corner beads and high-strength joints make them durable.

Ergonomic sprung drop handles, sturdy lid-holding straps and snap fasteners made of aluminium/stainless steel are important features for comfort.

Do whatever you want with your ZARGES Box.

Regardless of whether it is used in professional applications or recreational activities, a ZARGES Box combines functionality and design in one. From measurement instruments to model aeroplanes: a ZARGES aluminium box can be used to securely keep and safely transport anything.

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