Aluminium transport cases for first responders

Safely transporting equipment for first responders and disaster relief services to the place of deployment

Aluminium cases for transporting first-aid equipment by air, land and water.

Nobody wants an emergency to happen, but you need to able to have full confidence in your equipment should an emergency really occur. ZARGES aluminium cases and boxes are an important tool for first responders such as the fire brigade, mountain rescue service and disaster relief service. This is because they can be used to protect equipment from damage for longer periods in storage and also be transported quickly with everything intact to a deployment site during an emergency.

ZARGES aluminium boxes have deployed successfully in many emergency situations involving the fire brigade, disaster relief service, paramedics and emergency doctors. For example, they have been used in ground vehicles, aircraft, mobile hospitals, by emergency-response teams, and for transporting dangerous goods and communication equipment. Our aluminium cases and boxes are lightweight relative to their volume and load capacity, have a solid construction, and are resistant to environmental influences, making them a reliable and helpful companion in any emergency situations that demand a swift first response.

The advantages of ZARGES cases for first responders

  • ZARGES aluminium boxes are available in over 50 sizes that can be stacked as required. This helps you make optimal use of space in a vehicle.
  • A wide range of configurations are available, including standard cases, trolley boxes, 19" rackmount cases for electronic equipment, baskets, and cases with off-road wheels
  • Customised cases are available
  • UN certification for dangerous goods transport; available with IP54, IP65 or IP67 ingress protection
  • Sturdy and lockable to prevent theft
  • Waterproof, dust-proof, UV-resistant, highly sturdy and durable
  • Sturdier than plastic cases of the same weight
  • Recyclable and sustainable thanks to their long service life
  • Not sensitive to heat or cold
  • Large handles and fasteners (easy to use while wearing gloves)



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