Pack your drones securely for travelling and transport.

Sturdy cases and boxes for drones.

ZARGES cases and boxes for drones. Protecting your drones during transport.

Regardless of whether you are a hobby or professional drone pilot – protecting your drone and its accessories is crucial for ensuring that they function properly at the place of deployment. ZARGES aluminium cases and boxes offer the ultimate protection for your expensive drones. By request, foam inserts can be specially customised to offer complete protection to any drones, batteries, remote controls, chargers and cameras.

What do I have to take note of when choosing a protective case for my drone?

  • What must the drone case be able to withstand? Where do I want to use the drone? Will the drone case be subject to a great deal of impact, dust or moisture? How dust- and waterproof does the drone case/box have to be?
  • What else has to be transported with the drone? What must be taken into account when making the foam insert in order to properly protect every piece of equipment (e.g. remote control, batteries and drone camera)?
  • With or without wheels? How heavy is the drone with accessories? Can the case be carried, or must it be on wheels?

ZARGES offers a wide range of packaging options for travelling with and transporting drones. We have the right case for practically any type of drones. Our drone cases and boxes can come with optional built-in wheels and customised foam inserts to accommodate your drone and accessories.

Case, backpacks or boxes – what is the best way to transport drones?

The range of transport and protective packaging options for drones is as large as the selection of drones themselves. Backpacks are good for quickly and conveniently transporting smaller drones. But they offer little protection against the weather and external impact. Plastic cases and boxes offer better protection against impact, but are quite heavy and not as eco-friendly because plastics are not biodegradable.

In comparison, ZARGES aluminium cases and boxes are lightweight, sturdy and virtually water- and dust-proof. ZARGES boxes are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes and can be fitted with the appropriate foam insert, making them the perfect packaging option for transporting drones. Fitted with comfortable handles, sturdy fasteners and optional locks, ZARGES cases and boxes can be used as durable, rugged drone cases that can last longer than a drone.

Air travel with drones

It is well known that ground crew are not exactly gentle with suitcases of passengers during air travel. It is therefore advisable to protect your drone by packing it in a ZARGES aluminium drone case.

BUT TAKE NOTE: there are special regulations concerning airline travel with drones and batteries; batteries for drones, quadcopters or multicopters are only allowed to be carried in hand luggage. This is because drone batteries are classified as dangerous goods and may not be transported in an aircraft's cargo compartment without supervision. If a battery catches fire during a flight, the flight crew must act quickly to put out the fire – this is not possible if the battery is in the cargo compartment. We recommend asking your airline about the current regulations regarding air travel with drones before your flight.

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