Radar and navigation components

A wide diversity of highly accurate antenna systems are necessary to ensure the safety of air transport and these need to function reliably under all conditions. ZARGES delivers all necessary mechanical components according to customer specifications.

To protect the antennae systems from weather, some are installed in special protective housings for which the strict requirements of IATA apply. These protective housings, also known as shelters, are based on economical standard housings. Size, equipment, design and further details are nevertheless always according to the individual requirements of the client.

Our service and quality

  • Mechanical components according to customer specification.
  • Preventative measures in hazardous areas.
  • Support frame with aluminium sandwich elements, insulated against heat and cold.
  • Large-surface GRP sandwich radomes.
  • Rainproof.
  • Painted according to customer requirements.

Electronic navigation systems on ships, aircraft, civil and military ground stations must be capable of doing their job even under extreme conditions. ZARGES supplies the corresponding components, for example radar antennas, housings and reflection geometry – precision made and able to withstand the most severe weather and environmental conditions.

Our service and quality

  • High-precision constructions with close-tolerance reflector surfaces and mountings for add-on and built-in electronic items.
  • Drive system for continuous operation, including control system.
  • Shock and vibration-tested.
  • Pressure-sealed construction.
  • Removable radome.
  • Metal-oxide-free paint.
Land-based system, image: EADS
3D -radar-antennae housing, image: EADS
ASR-S antennae system, image: EADS
DLR Corner Reflector, image: E.Gronau


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