ZARGES accessories for ladders and scaffolding – the ideal solution for any task

ZARGES products are supplied with all standard features and functions and in compliance with statutory requirements. However, some tasks need something extra. ZARGES therefore offers you an extensive range of innovative accessories – for more safety, convenience and ergonomics.

Overview of benefits:

  • Innovative solutions for any situation
  • Increased safety and protection
  • Improved ergonomics for a range of different tasks 
  • More convenience when working

ZARGES accessories– innovative solutions for any situation and task

Universal stile extension

For greater stability on uneven surfaces

  • NEW: Only one stile extension necessary for ladders without horizontal stabiliser bars. For stiles with outer dimensions from 48–73 mm
  • Simpler and faster assembly and usage

Pouch for cordless screwdriver

Tools and accessories always within easy reach

  • Mobile pouch for cordless screwdrivers with slots for accessories
  • For ladders and scaffolding
  • Can be secured easily to ladder stiles with Velcro
  • Can also be worn on the belt

Reflective stickers

Increases visibility by providing reflection in poor weather conditions and in the dark. 

  • Can be retrofitted to ladders
  • The same high quality as used in traffic signs
  • 2 items per set

Wall support for facades

Protects against unwanted pressure points on facades with external wall insulation

  • Larger support area with wall-friendly foam material
  • Easy to fit

Integrated theft protection

Protect your ladder from theft

  • Integrated into the ladder
  • Fits all ladders

Hanging hooks

Provides stability by hooking onto guide tubes

  • Retrofitting possible on all flanged single ladders
  • Clamping mechanism for fast fitting
  • Compatible for stile heights from 58–98 mm
  • 2 items per set (right/left)

Shock protection for steps and platforms

Protects machines and equipment coming into contact with the ladder

  • Can be retrofitted
  • Simple fitting using Velcro
  • For 40 mm tube diameters
  • only individually packaged

Shock protection for mobile scaffolding

Protects objects when they are in contact with the mobile scaffold 

  • Can be retrofitted 
  • Easy installation with Velcro fastener 
  • For tube diameter of 50 mm 
  • 1 PU = 2 pieces

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Castor in horizontal stabiliser bar

For ergonomic transportation 

  • Enables ladder to be rolled instead of carried
  • Simple assembly

Non-marking ladder cap

Protects against dark scuff marks 

  • Retrofitting on ladders with push-on end caps
  • No dark scuff marks on floors

LED signal lamps

For increased active visibility in poor weather conditions and in the dark.

  • Compatible with ladders with square flanging 
  • Battery life of up to 72 hours 
  • Replaceable batteries

Tool bag

Tools and accessories always within easy reach

  • Tool bag with storage compartments
  • With shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Flexible attachment options: to steps/rungs or frame using adjustable belt


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