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  1. 37467
    Reachmaster mobile scaffold tower
    The economical folding scaffold unit with advanced guardrail and two metre platf... Learn More
  2. 37467
    Reachmaster AGR
    Reachmaster™ AGR is a sturdy and easy-to-setup scaffold unit. It replaces diagon... Learn More
  3. 38760
    ZARGES Teletower
    The World's First Telescopic Mobile Scaffold Tower Learn More
  4. 22206
    Workmaster T
    Mobile and comfortable: folding work platform with step access and central brake... Learn More
  5. 42945
    Variomaster T
    For quick use and safe standing: folds to compact size and is quickly set up. Learn More
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ZARGES folding scaffold units fold to a compact size for transport and can be set up in next to no time
Folding scaffold units are the ideal solution for a wide range of tasks. They can be used both indoors and outdoors without any problems. A folding scaffold unit consists of two elements: the platforms and the scaffold unit. One major advantage of ZARGES folding scaffold units is their ability to fold to a compact size for transport while having high manoeuvrability and a small footprint when set up. This means that they can be transported using small vans or lorries and are relatively easy to use inside buildings with limited space.

Folding scaffold units are also suitable for greater heights
The higher you go, the more important stability becomes. Folding scaffold units are so versatile and safe that they can be used to access working heights of up to 14 metres. You can certainly use ladders to reach similar heights, but you would not be able to carry supplies with you or work for extended periods of time while using a ladder.

Up and down, forward and back. Folding scaffold units can be individually configured for each application
Depending on the required working height, the platforms on a folding scaffold unit can be mounted on any of its rungs, allowing you to decide the height of each platform. In addition, the scaffold units can be fully set up and dismantled without using any tools.

Aluminium folding scaffold units
ZARGES aluminium folding scaffold units comply with all relevant standards and regulations. Moreover, they are lightweight and extremely stable. A wide range of accessories and expansion modules are available for customising each folding scaffold unit to suit all kinds of requirements and applications.