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W 154 heavy-load dolly trolley

SKU: 45097


When it comes to solving “weighty” transportation and storage problems, the highly manoeuverable ZARGES dolly trolleys are indispensable, economical helpers. Whether in the high or the low version, they literally make light work of handling and transporti

  • Constructed from welded aluminium profile-sections.
  • Castors (2 fixed and 2 swivel castors with brake) made of polyamide, white.
  • Load capacity 45096 up to 300 kg, 45097 up to 600 kg.
  • Compatible with the K 470 and Eurobox series.

More Information

More Information
Suitable for outside dimensions 1.200mm × 800mm
Order number 45097
Weight 16 kg


Order number Load Suitable for outside dimensions Weight
45096 300 kg 800mm × 600mm 8 kg
45097 600 kg 1.200mm × 800mm 16 kg