Effectively protect valuable items

with the ZARGES Security Lock Safebox

For sensitive documents, confidential papers, business secrets and everything else that you love and hold dear – effectively protect your secrets and valuables!

With the ZARGES Security Lock Safebox, you can store and transport you operational and business secrets, sensitive customer information and intellectual capital without having to worry about them being seen by unauthorised persons.

Safeguard your documents, sensitive information or valuables with threefold protection using the ZARGES Security Lock Safebox:

  • the K470 universal case – the original since 1950 – protects its content perfectly, even under extreme conditions
  • the SL 500 electronic lock has a freely programmable code
  • the stainless-steel anchoring cable keeps the box where it has been secured

You can quickly transport and safely store valuables or important and confidential information – under maximum security and protection.
Official documents, papers, results of research and development, construction plans – you can use the ZARGES Security Lock Safebox to securely and optimally store everything worth protecting.


K 470 universal container
The K 470 product range offers an exceptional selection of 25 standard sizes. Their capacity ranges from 13 to 829 litres. Customised sizes are also available by request.
SL 500 electronic lock
Added safety where it counts.

K 470 universal container

  • High-quality aluminium universal box
  • Lid with stainless-steel hinges, straps, and injected foam seal all round.
  • Cast aluminium stacking corners
  • Fully welded aluminium profile frames and joints
  • Durable Comfort fasteners and sprung drop handles
  • Snap fasteners: Can be secured with a plug lock, lead seals, a pad lock, or a spring mechanism for preventing accidental opening
  • Beading all round and corner beads for additional dimensional stability.
  • Extra-thick 1.5 mm aluminium sheet for all K 470 cases with base dimensions of 750 x 550 mm and above
  • Version rated at IP65 for protection against water jets also available as an option
  • UN approval for the transportation of hazardous goods also available
  • Special inserts available on request

SL 500 electronic lock

  • Up to 50 PIN codes freely programmable
  • Simple configuration via the lock keypad
  • Locks automatically when the lid is closed
  • Optional two-men rule mode
  • Automatic alarm if lid is open too long
  • Tamper-proof up to 400 kg
  • Battery life up to 10 years.

Anchoring cable made of stainless steel

  • Prevents the sealed ZARGES case being carried away
  • Quick securing on construction sites or inside vehicles
  • Plastic-sheathed stainless steel cable
  • One end of the cable equipped with a loop
  • Including assembly
  • Fits all K 470 and Eurobox containers, K 450 shipping cases and ZARGES Boxes


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